Mandi Lunan

This Charming Mandi Food and Beverage Consulting brings the most important thing to the table when advising others- over a decade of real life experience here in the Ottawa food industry. TCM has coached, consulted, trained and written business plans for many Ottawa small businesses. Mandi approaches clients with a hands on, customized approach, tailor-made to meet your business needs, growing pains, and challenges.

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Services as diverse as coaching and strategy for businesses old and new, workshops and lectures, businesses that are not doing so great (we offer rehab!) businesses that are closing (we can help with liquidation, selling and emotional support!) We have something for everyone in the small business community.

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Amanda Lunan is an Ottawa-based award winning entrepreneur and coach/ consultant of her own consulting business This Charming Mandi. She founded Eastern Ontario's very first vegan bakery, Auntie Loo's Treats in 2003 and changed the landscape and perceptions of vegan pastry in Ottawa. At her peak she wholesaled to grocery giants Farmboy and Aramark, and even dabbled in the local wedding industry. After a few difficult years and ignoring the warning signs of her slowly struggling business, she neglected her self care and lost it all.  She is determined to ensure no other entrepreneurs have to suffer alone.

Mandi is much love and renowned for her discretion, positive attitude and creativity. Her clients have described her as a “Business Fairy Godmother and Matchmaker”, a “Human Rolodex of the best people in the city” and one was even heard to comment, “My only regret is not hiring her sooner.”

Mandi currently resides in Ottawa with her partner, her books and her cats. In her spare time she can be found enjoying a proper pint of Beyond the Pale’s Darkness with a fantasy novel at her favourite pub- the Manx.