The Ladies List and and the TCM Challenge

It's been an introspective and emotional 72 hours here in Ottawa.  On Wednesday we were forced to look at the issue that's as old as the restuarant industry itself, but is only starting to come to the surface now, under what I've heard called the "Weinstein effect". 

My Grandmother once told me a story about watching her neighbours house burn after being bombed in Coventry UK during WW2- that the new (at the time) chemical bombs burned so that although there were no visible flames, the house was slowly burning,  turning to ash and collapsing to the ground. I feel that's the kind of bomb that's hit Ottawa this week.  It's been a slow burn, yet we are all painfully aware.

I've been contacted by many in the industry, the press and others to comment, help in a group, or propose solutions for this mess.  The truth is, there's not going to be a quick fix.  We can form all the committees and ethics boards we want, make all the lists, call out all the harassers- but the best solution is the simplist- time, and reflection.

I don't have all the answers, and I'm not going to pretend I do, which is why I declined comment in the press this week when invited. I'm still in a period of reflection myself and working on a future post about toxic kitchen culture and what we can do to evolve it into something positive.  Right now I'm shutting up and listening. I'm listening to industry friends, my amazing social worker friends who work with survivors of sexual assault and harassment,  and those who have been assaulted.  I'm listening to their stories.  Studying why kitchen culture is this way and what are real world, real time viable solutions to help overhaul it.

For a right now solution I propose we take something awful and lift our spirits and empower the female and female identifying leaders in our culinary community this weekend.  The following list was curated entirely by recommendations from others on my facebook page. This weekend, give a page a follow, walk an extra block to buy your coffee from a female owned cafe, or consider your happy hour at one of the glorious businesses below.  Show me- lift our spirits and tage yourself- #TCMChallenge.

Love, M. xo.

a few notes

** All businesses listed have a minimum of 50% female ownership and/or are women led kitchens

** the author has made every effort possible to ensure women of colour were represented on this list

** Don't want to be on my list?  No problem, email me and I'll take you off.

** did I mis-list your address or website?  No worries, email me.

** Sad you're not on my list? email me and I'll put you on


Cardamom and Cloves

Red Door Provisions - 117 Beechwood Ave

Culture Kombucha- Available at fine food shops

Suite 12 online cupcakes

Snell House Foods available at fine food stores

Planet Coffee 24 York St.

Shanghai Restaurant 651 Somerset St.

Moo Shu Ice Cream 477 Bank St.

Mmm Chef Meal Service

Dunn's Deli- Elgin st location  

Chico's Hip Hop Brunch facebook page

High Jinx Social Enterprise- provides hot lunch on fridays and are just all around angels 290 Kent

Mama Shell's Cakes- custom cakery

Zest Catering

the Buzz 374 bank st

North Market Catering

Heirloom Cafe 7 Mill St. Almonte

The Red Apron 564 Gladstone Ave

Tease Tea online shop

Tea & Cake 98 mill st, Almonte

Life of Pie 1134 Bank St

The Joy of Gluten Free 617 Bank St.

Citizen 207 Gilmour St facebook page

Charlotte 340 Elgin st.

The Merry Dairy 102 Fairmont Ave

Yummy Cookies available at fine food shops and markets

Pure Kitchen 340 Elgin or 357 richmond

Sarah J's Cupcakes  online company

Zengarry available at fine food stores

Chez Anh 435 Sunnyside Ave facebook page

Quitters 1523 Main St facebook page

Bez Gluten Free Bakery- available at fine food shops

Tennessy Willems  1082 Wellington St. W.

Sula Wok 184 Main St.

Capital Fare Cafe/ baccanalle  106-595 Montreal Rd

Rawlicious Cafe 381 Cooper St

pressed 750 Gladstone Ave  

Strawberry Blonde Bakery 114B Grange Ave.

The Pomeroy House 749 Bank St.

The Moonroom 442 Preston St. Facebook

Naturally Vero

The Jack Ketch 1536 Main St. Stittsville

Nat's Bread Company available at fine food stores, markets and restos

Catherine Landry- queen marketing guru

Tasters Hub 70 Bongard Ave

 the Unrefined Olive 151 Second Ave.

Bread By Us 1065 Wellington St W.

Paula Roy, Writer, Ally, Expert

Soif 88 Rue Momtcalm

Arlington 5 / Wilf and Ada's 5 Arlington St.

Top Shelf Preserves available at fine food shops

Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream available at fine food shops

Sundae School 222 Beechwood Ave.

Town- 296 Elgin St.

Grow Your Roots Cafe 220 Terrance Matthews Cres

Simply Raw Express 989 Wellington St. W.

Choux Coux 98 Rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville

Feline Cafe 1076 Wellington St. W

Oz Kafe 10 York St.

The Urban Element 424 Parkdale Ave.

Cafe My House 1015 Wellington St. W.

Charlotte Langley- Scout Canning

Raw Pulp and Grind 440 Preston St.

The Cake Lab check your local farmers markets!  facebook page

Thyme and Again 1255 Wellington St. W.

Union St. Kitchen Cafe 42 Crichton st.

Hintonburg Public House 1020 Wellington St. W

Katie Ardington- Chef to the Prime Minister

Caroline Ishi - follow her adventures and pop ups!

Taj Indian Cuisine 3009 Carling Ave

Edgar 60 Rue Begin, Gatineau

Beechwood Gastropub 18 Beechwood

Thimblecakes 369 Bank St.

Dish Catering 119 Ross Ave

BuchiPop available at fine food shops

Two Six Ate 268 Preston St.

Clover 155 Bank St.

Eighteen / Sidedoor 18 York St.