What Kind of Business owner Are You? Our First Quiz!

While having a beer at the Elgin Beer Project a few weeks ago with an old friend and employee, the topic turned to business owners and personality.  She had since gone on to open a business after she finished working with me, and we were both discussing our personalities as entrepreneurs, and how they almost took on their own life.  A sweet kind personality does not a sweet entrepreneur make.  When running a business you will encounter sides of your personality you never even knew existed.

The self- employed are typically lumped together as one big homogeneous, overworked, stressed out bunch.  We’re so much more diverse than that.  I think it’s important to know what kind of entrepreneur you are, as all have great sides and bad sides.  The more understanding we have of these natures- the good, bad, and the ugly- the better we can use them to our advantage and grow as business people.

This quiz is not hand holding- it is an insight into how you handle things in the real world and what the positive and negative of these personality types are.

Now, without further ado- click the link here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YHTRH38 to take your test.  You’ll receive a score out of 70. Remember your number and pop back here and scroll down to read what kind of entrepreneur you are!

Screenshot and share your result if you’re comfortable doing so- I’d love to see them!  #TCMQuiz


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p.s.  Naughty!  No peeking- go take your quiz first.



Score- 10-15

The Ego Driven: This was the kind of entrepreneur I was.  It was world domination or nothing, and no attention paid to the details or obstacles in my way.

Good qualities: aggressive, courageous, ambitious, forward looking, inspirational, passionate.

Negative Qualities: not detail oriented, forgetful, temperamental, not living in the present, poor with criticism and feedback.


Score- 16-24

The Comfort: Will do anything to please clients and staff, including neglecting themselves.  An absolute people pleaser.

Good qualities: accommodating, loving, adored by community, empathetic, inspires loyalty from clients, open to change, loving.

Negative qualities: Easily pushed over, cannot take a stand- confusing and frustrating to clients and staff, little attention paid to the financial cost of problem solving, long term neglect of themselves could lead to self esteem issues


Score- 25-32

The Hippie:  You want to make the whole world a better place- socially, environmentally and spiritually.  It’s one of the major reasons you started your business.

Good qualities: considered a pillar of the community, well respected, modern, inspiring others, ethical.

Poor Qualities: Self righteous, not always watching the financial cost of being perfectly ethical, not aggressive enough when it come to your own business.


Score- 33-41

The Mean Girl: You are Regina George of your business community- being that you inspire those around you to the point you have cult -like devotion among your clients, staff and peers. You also scare people. 


Good Qualities: Inspiring, friendly, brand loyalty, steady business, public speaking and PR.


Poor Qualities: not progressive due to lack of feedback from rabidly devoted followers, intimidating, dependant on social media and social validation, self involved, vain


Score- 42-49

Trend obsessed : If it’s hot, you’re on it! You research all of the business trends vigorously, determined to be the first or second in your city to show it off- and make a profit.

Good Qualities: modern, innovative, mutable, creative, research orientated.

Negative qualities: brand comes off as disposable- cheap, impulsive, erratic, easily distracted, not genuine


Score- 50-57

Grandpapreneur: You like what you like- when you like it.  Your customers know exactly what to expect when they walk through your door, and any diversion from  your daily routine throws you for a loop.

Good Qualities: Fiscally responsible, consistent, routine and detail oriented, simplistic, rational.

Negative Qualities: stubborn, immutable, fixed, stale, repetitive, lack of evolution.


Score- 58-70

The Keener: You’ve planned it down to the last penny and bylaw. You’re an overachiever and proud of it- no way is your business going to flop.

Good Qualities: organized, intelligent, takes initiative, reasonable, fiscally meticulous, detail obsessed.

Negative Qualities: self doubting, anxious, immutable, detail obsessed, ridgid.