Mandi's workshops are lovingly curated by real life experiences and are constantly evolving to reflect the needs of today's food entrepreneurs.   We respect the different learning styles of each person- as a result there are visual, audio, and practical hands on components in each course.  All workshops are offered in groups of 12 or less, so as a student you will receive plenty of one on one time and will be able to ask any questions you may have.  We also have excellent aftercare as well, with a "workshop attendees only" Facebook group moderated by several community leaders, so you can continue to network and get expert advice.

 POSTPONED: Fall 2018, date TBA

POSTPONED: Fall 2018, date TBA


Ever wanted to explore the world of distribution?  With our hands on course, we'll ensure you can negotiate the best deal for you and your business, big or small.

Cost: $75, includes coffees and snack

You will need: Tablet or Laptop.

Class Schedule:

9:00-9:30 arrival and networking

9:30- 10:00 lecture part 1

10:00-10:50 practical exercise

10:50-11:10 break

11:10-11:50 lecture part 2

11:50- 12:40 practical exercise 2

12:40- 1:30 questions and discussion


 June 3, 9am-2pm at the Art House Cafe

June 3, 9am-2pm at the Art House Cafe

Intermediate Social Media

For those who feel their social media skills could use an upgrade.  We'll talk food styling and visuals with food stylist Debra Cowie. Algorithms and profile style with a graphic designer and founder of Nutmeg, Megan Davis  who stops Mandi from looking like an old fuddy duddy on the daily. Mandi will talk to you about ad purchasing, choosing a market, budgeting, content, hashtags and best practices. Includes Mandi's famous "Business social media disasters" slideshow.

Cost: $85, includes coffee and snack

Class Schedule:

9:00-9:15 arrival and networking

9:15- 10:30 Classy Posting and SM Selling Goals 101

10:30- 12:00  Debra Cowie- Food Styling and photography

12:00- 12:20 lunch break

12:20- 1:45 Megan Davis- Algorithms, Content and the Look of your page.

1:45- 2ish Questions and Networking

 POSTPONED: Fall 2018, dates TBA

POSTPONED: Fall 2018, dates TBA

Freshie Weekend

This weekend long intensive workshop was designed with the novice in mind- if you're brand new to the community, the industry or even being a business person, this is your course.  This weekend long workshop is a special hybrid, combining all of my workshops into one.  Wholesale, Food Styling, Social Media, Operational, Cash Flows, Sourcing, Hiring and more.

Cost: $250, includes coffees and meals for the whole weekend, as well as full business plan template.

You will need: Tablet or Laptop

Saturday the 27th- 9-3:30


9- 9:30am arrival, networking, casual chat

9:30- 10:30am- lecture: Ideas and inspiration, Marketing for beginners

10:30- 11:00- practical exercise 1: making demographics work for you and your business

11 - 11:30- lunch break

11:30- 1:00 Debra Cowie- food styling and photography

1:15- coffee break

1:15- 2:00- Operational day to day planning for your business

3pm- 3:30pm: Question and discussion


Sunday the 28th- 9-4


9-9:15, arrival and casual chat

9:15- 10:15: lecture: Wholesale part 1  

10:15- 11:00 practical exercise let’s review a wholesale contract

12 -12:30: lunch break

12:30 -1:30: How to wholesale a food business part 2

1:30-2:00: practical exercise 4: wholesale situations