Mandi's workshops are all lovingly curated by real life experiences and are constantly evolving to reflect the needs of today's food entrepreneurs.   We respect the different learning styles of each person- as a result there are visual, audio, and practical hands on components in each course.  Most workshops are offered in groups of 25 or less, so as a student you will receive plenty of one on one time and will be able to ask any questions you may have.  We also have excellent aftercare as well, with a "workshop attendees only" Facebook group moderated by several community leaders, so you can continue to network and get expert advice.


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Start the new year with your business organized and profitable!

As small business owners, we can be so busy putting out the small fires and facing daily challenges, we can forget to set and plan sales goals. With my program designed from my over 13 years in the food industry, we'll create a comprehensive Calendar and reminder strategies to help keep you on track while doing what you love.

We'll be creating a 12 month practical calendar targeting major holidays,"hidden" trends that pop up certain times of the year, and more. Don't miss a single opportunity in 2019 to take advantage of all the great opportunities in the food community.

Class fee includes coffee, tea and snacks.

You will need to bring: Business cards and a laptop or tablet.


10:00-11:00: Designing a Calendar and Strategy that you'll actually use

11:-12:00: Lecture from a professional Organizer (TBA)

12:00-12:15: coffee break

12:15-1:00: Bookmarking- the holidays, the hidden busy times and more.

1:00-1:30: Scheduling and using Facebook and Instagram with third party platforms.  Time saving measures.


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The next frontier in legal marijuana products is coming fast- and it’s edible.

Join this Charming Mandi and her experts for this exciting first of its kind event geared specifically for the food business community.

On Sunday February 3 at 10 am we’ll meet in the gorgeous Allsaints Event Space to discuss this exciting new opportunity and what it could mean for your business.

Disclaimer: this event is intended to be informational and not to be relied upon as legal advice, and that regulations, laws, and business realities are always subject to change.

You will need: a tablet or laptop.  Coffee, tea and light refreshments are included in your ticket price.


10- 10:15: Arrival and networking

10:15- 11:15: Mark Asfar, Lawyer and Start Up Strategist, Aventum Law

11:15- 12:15: Heather D’Alessio

12:15- 1:00: Panel Discussion and Questions

About Mark Asfar:  

Mark Asfar is a lawyer at Momentum Business Law, a corporate/commercial law firm headquartered in Ottawa with a second office in Toronto. The firm provides a range of business-related legal services to start ups, small businesses, and enterprises. Mark is a part of the firm’s cannabis business practice group, and advises licenced producers, consultants, and prospective cannabis retail store owners on regulatory requirements, corporate law, and other business matters.

Find Mark Online at

twitter: @asfarasyougo

About Heather D’Alessio:  


Heather D’Alessio is a recent small business graduate from Algonquin College. Passionate about cannabis as both a medicine and a social, recreational substance, Heather has been cooking with cannabis for over 6 years. Heather first began cooking with cannabis for family. When her uncle was in recovery from an aggressive form of brain cancer, she would infuse his cannabis medicines into consumable products. Her grandmother was struggling with prescription opioid use after the death of her husband and Heather would infuse her old recipes with cannabis for an added air of familiarity, to help ease her pain (physical and emotional.) Having also struggled with substance use disorder in high school, she wasn’t naive to the potential harms associated with cannabis but was even more aware of the ways that fear mongering educational tactics backfired for her. Balancing the benefits and the harms of cannabis requires an informed approach. She began advocating for better laws, and better cannabis education for everyone.

Presentations and Policy Work

She has presented on Student Perspectives on Campus Cannabis Policy, and Youth Perceptions of Cannabis Education, as well as having moderated panels on the Children’s Rights Implications on Cannabis Legalization and being invited to moderate the Youth Panel at Health Canada’s Partnership Symposium on Cannabis Education. At the international level, she will also be representing Canada as part of the delegation attending the United Nations’ Commission on Narcotic Drugs in March. Beyond cannabis policy she is passionate about ending the War on Drugs at large, grassroots organizing in response to the opioid crisis, and the new era of psychedelic research for therapeutic purposes that is re-emerging.

What We’ll Be Going Over…

In her segment of the workshop, she will be discussing some of the basics of cooking with cannabis from choosing a strain, through infusing oils, and responsible dosing. She’ll also explain why eating and smoking cannabis are two completely different things with a simplified explanation of cannabis chemistry (THC in various forms, CBD confusion) and the endocannabinoid system. Tying things together with a harm reduction theme, she’ll explain how to prevent someone from consuming too much (meticulous measuring and labeling) and how to respond should someone green out.